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Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil

Todd Williams July 30, 2023 #Healthy Recipes


This recipe showcases a delicate and delicious dish called Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil. The gnudi are soft and pillowy balls of ricotta, resembling "naked" ravioli without the pasta.

Key Points:

  • The recipe features Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil
  • Gnudi are soft, pillowy balls of ricotta
  • They resemble "naked" ravioli without the pasta


To create the delicate and delicious Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil, careful preparation is required.

Ricotta Straining: Strain the ricotta overnight to ensure the perfect texture for the gnudi. This step removes excess liquid, resulting in a creamier and smoother ricotta.

Ingredient Combination: Once the ricotta has been strained, add the additional ingredients that will infuse the gnudi with flavor. Carefully measure and combine blueberries, Parmesan cheese, chickpea flour, all-purpose flour, and a pinch of salt with the ricotta. These ingredients bring tangy sweetness from the blueberries, a rich umami from the Parmesan cheese, and a perfect balance of textures from the flours.

Refrigeration and Shaping: After thoroughly mixing the ingredients, chill the gnudi mixture in the refrigerator. This step helps the mixture firm up for easy shaping. Use a spoon or scoop to portion and shape the mixture into individual gnudi.

By following these preparation steps, you ensure that your Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil will be a standout dish, highlighting the delicate flavors of the blueberries and the creamy richness of the ricotta.


After forming the Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil into delicate balls, it's time to cook them to perfection.

Boiling: Carefully drop the formed gnudi into a pot of boiling water. As they cook, they will float to the surface, indicating that they are almost ready.

Draining: When the gnudi have floated to the surface and cooked for a few more minutes, drain them. Use a slotted spoon to transfer them to a colander or a plate lined with paper towels.

Tossing: Once drained, add the finishing touches. In a separate bowl, combine olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh basil, and more Parmesan cheese. Gently toss the cooked gnudi in this flavorful mixture, ensuring even coating.

By following these cooking steps, you can transform the soft and pillowy Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil into a mouthwatering dish. The boiling process achieves perfect tenderness, while the tossing step adds an extra layer of flavor and freshness.


After cooking and tossing the Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil, they are ready to be served and enjoyed.

Final Seasoning: Before serving, give the dish a final touch of seasoning. Drizzle extra olive oil over the gnudi, sprinkle with a pinch of salt and pepper, and garnish with fresh basil leaves. This additional seasoning adds a burst of freshness and enhances the flavors.

Garnish: To add an extra layer of flavor and visual appeal, sprinkle additional Parmesan cheese on top of the gnudi. The Parmesan cheese will melt slightly from the heat, creating a deliciously cheesy finish.

Serving Suggestions: Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil can be served as a main course or as a unique and elegant appetizer. For a complete meal, serve with a side salad or roasted vegetables. The light and delicate flavors pair well with fresh greens or roasted vegetables, providing a refreshing contrast.

By following these serving guidelines, you can present Blueberry and Ricotta Gnudi with Basil as a visually stunning and delicious dish that will impress your guests. The final seasoning and garnish elevate the flavors and presentation, while the serving suggestions allow flexibility in creating a well-rounded meal.